Soren Matz’ great grandfather Richard Matz was born and raised  on Thuro Island,Denmark, where he apprenticed as a shipbuilder. From there he moved to
Nysted, before taking the role of Managing Director for Nakskov Shipbuilding, which was established 1916. He had many great ships built over the years –
among them the “School Ship of Denmark” and the pictured four masted schooner/Greenland expedition ship Gertrud Rask  (built 1923) which was wrecked
in Allied service off Nova Scotia in February, 1942. Other ships built at the shipyard became trading ships, and ventured as far as Shanghai and other Asian
ports. The tradition of creating long lasting fine woodwork for both ships and fine furniture has been handed down for generations in the Matz family.
At the age of 16 Soren Matz began his 4 year traditional apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in Copenhagen. The apprenticeship is conducted in collaboration with the Danish  ministry of education, and along with daily practice in the workshop includes intensive courses of drawing and other subjects. In the spring of 1983, Soren graduated with a final exam established by the cabinetmakers guild – making a writing desk in mahogany.
Pic 1. Soren Matz sitting in the first counter chair he designed and handcrafted for a sushi restaurant in Kyoto, 1988.
Pic 2. Soren Matz in the large workshop of Nakamura Komuten in Kyoto, a workshop he shared daily with 40 great
carpenters over a period of 18 years.
Pic 3. Mr Sotoji Nakamura, the owner and chief carpenter of the Nakamura Komuten, from who Soren Matz learned.
Pic 1. Kohseki Furniture showroom in Kyoto established by Soren Matz
Pic 2. Wakuden restaurant Kyoto Station produced by Soren Matz made with special ELM Chairs by Hans Jacobsen
Pic.3. Original Finn Juhl Furniture suits an interior for client in Yokohama
Pic 4, 5. Dining ktchen for the philosopher Umehara-san by Toshihito Yokuuchi in collaboration with Soren Matz
Pic 1. Hans J Wegner exhibition at “Ozone” in Tokyo, 1996. Soren Matz in collaboration with Danish Design Center and Noritsugu Oda who loaned 100 original Wegner chairs to the show. 5000 hard copy catalogues were sold during the exhibition.
Pic 2. Poul Kjaerholm Exhibtion with Yamagiwa in Tokyo 1998.
Pic 3. “100 Years of Danish Cabinetry” at Kronborg castle in Denmark. Initiated and produced by Soren Matz, and made in collaboration with the Danish Museum of Applied Arts.
Pic 4. Finn Juhl Exhibition in Osaka
Pic 1. MatzForm’s first warehouse studio in Shanghai devoting an entire corner to Kvadrat Textiles in 2005
Pic 2. MatzForm’s early exhibition space in Shanghai 2005
Pic 3. MatzForms first commission in China;  Furniture for the Shintori restaurant at Julu Rd
Pic 1. Qantas lounge area in Singapore produced by MatzForm
Pic 2. Naked Retreat in Moganshan produced by MatzForm
Pic 3. Luexmbourg EXPO Pavilion produced by MatzForm
Pic 1. Temple Restaurant in Beijing produced by MatzForm
Pic 2. King's Joy in Beijing produced by MatzForm
Pic 3. Henkes in Shanghai produced by MatzForm
Pic 1. Baker & Spice in Shanghai produced by MatzForm
Pic 2. Nest in Shanghai produced by MatzForm
Pic 1. Shanghai International Funiture Expo 2016
Pic 2. Pelikan in Shanghai produced by MatzForm
Pic 1. Popup Museum by ULIVING X MatzForm
Pic 2. YellowForm POP-UP Store
Pic 2. Bubble Craze- Corral x MatzForm
Pic 3. Facebook Coworking Space Produced by MATZFORM
Pic 4. Boutique Design New York 2018